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For the past couple years I have gone to a stylist in Hollywood for my hair systems who charged well over 1k for the systems and install. When I moved I decided to look for a local place and found this one. Seeing their prices at a fraction of the cost I was paying - I felt pretty fearful that the quality of the system would be terrible and that the actual install would be cheap. I was so very wrong. I can’t expressed how absolutely impressed I was with Best Hair System. The actual system itself was just as good/completely undetectably different from the ones I have paid 4x for. The stylist who performed the install took the same amount of time and care installing the system as my previous stylist did - cutting no corners even though he had stayed late for me. I am so wildly impressed and shocked. I’ve never written a review before for any place but had to write this one. Don’t be fooled by the deceivingly cheaper pricing - this place is absolutely legit.
Having low self-esteem from losing my hair/balding at a relatively younger age, I was desperate to try out anything that could possibly help me with how I felt about my appearance. Best Hair System saved the day! Carrie and Mike are very easy to talk with, noting all of your concerns. Carrie will be completely honest with you about what will work and what will not. I respect her being so honest and realistic about the hair systems. Mike takes his time on your hair, ensuring that you are happy with the service. He is very meticulous and detailed with the application and cutting/styling of the hair system. No one has questioned mine at all - it looks so realistic with the amazing quality of the system and Mike’s skills in cutting and blending it to your own hair. With this being my first experience with a hair system, I could not be happier! The service and quality are definitely there at Better Hair System and I would feel confident/comfortable recommending this location to anyone else suffering from hair loss/balding. Before you do go, please know that this is not cheap & you have to actually want to put effort into keeping your hair system in the best condition possible. If you’re not willing to pay for upkeep or not interested in following the rules Carrie provides you with for the hair system, I wouldn’t suggest getting one. You have to want to invest time and money into yourself! Thanks Carrie and Mike!!!
I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Mike and Carrie are the best. Mike takes his time and does the work supper thoroughly, I have tried one other place DTLA, and I can feel the difference. Mike will take time and clean and make sure everything is right. He may not give you the fanciest haircut, but it's just perfect. Carrie as well is always accommodating, I wish Mike had some help so they could take more clients. Prices are very reasonable and upfront, unlike many places where they will tell you after you see them. This way, you know it's fair, no hiding. I will continue coming here for as long as they provide their service. Its my 2nd yr with them.
It was a great experience and pleasure talking with Carrie Shi who was pretty patient and informative in guiding me and answering my various questions! I am looking forward to providing my further measurements based on the information she sent me and hopefully I could get the best fit wigs per my request which would last for a reasonably long while.
It was ok. Until the haircut, I asked for long so I can comb it back , he started to cut it leaving it long and then just before he was done he started to chop it up short and said I gave you a "freestyle short". No one asked for it short. Horrible, if only he could just listen to the clients haircut choice smh. Now stuck 4 -6 month with a haircut I hate.