Factory Updates

Covid 19 really hit hard and caused some great interruptions in the hair replacement industry. We have been working so hard with our factories to make sure that all pending orders will be completed within a reasonable time frame with fair pricing.

Here are some updates on our factory operations:

At the beginning of May 2020, our factory started training new local workers to provide ventilation and knotting work to get back on track, and after 4 months of vigorous training we have seen an increase in the production of stock hair systems and customer ordered hair since September 2020,

Now our inventory for stock hair systems is getting better and better every day especially for the most popular units like the thin skin, lace, and lace front models.

The turnaround times for custom orders have also improved significantly from 6 to 8 months last year to 3 to 4 months this year. Things will definitely be getting better in the coming months—–quicker production times, more consistency in quality, and more reasonable pricing.

Thanks so much for the trust, patience, and understanding from all our clients during the most challenging times we have experienced in the history of hair replacement. We guarantee that we will work hard to pay you back with consistent quality products, a reliable time frame, and reasonable prices.

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