The term “base design” refers to the composite materials used to construct the hair systems foundation.  The base is the layer that the hair is attached to.  Choosing the right base is a major factor in producing a natural-looking hair system. You must consider several aspects of one’s lifestyle and select accordingly.

Lace Base Designs 3-4 Months Average Lifespan

The lightest and most breathable base available, also undetectable by touch. Placed against the skin the lace becomes invisible rendering an extremely natural hairline and scalp appearance. There is a compromise between durability and appearance. The lace base is more delicate compared to some of the other hair system options available, so they will require replacement more frequently.

Lace Front Base Designs 4-5 Months Average Lifespan

Ideal for those who want appearance but don’t want to sacrifice durability. The frontal area or the hairline is a lace design while the rest of the system is created with a more durable material. The drawback one might experience is an overall comfort. Maintaining a Lace Front system is a lot easier than caring for a Full Lace system

Monofilanment Base Designs 4-6 Months Average Lifespan

Typically, well featured all around. Very durable.  A common base used because it is very affordable and easy to maintain.  The drawbacks are appearance features.  Resulting from the use of thicker materials in the base design it’s not the most natural and undetectable type of hair system available.  This base is recommended for heavier density type hair (Medium or above) which will hide the base materials.

Skin Base Designs 1-2 Months (0.03mm) 3-4 Months (0.06mm)Average Lifespan

Creates the most undetectable scalp appearance. Translucent membrane that allows the scalp color to show through, which renders an illusion of the hair emerging from the scalp. The negative factors of a Skin Base are breathability and durability. Not being a lace, it does not provide much ventilation and the material of the base is vulnerable and fragile.