Shop solvents such as Walker Tape C-22, which is the best and most popular wig adhesive remover we carry. Why? Because C-22 is the best skin safe remover in the world. We have tested every other product put out by ourselves and competitors against C-22 and it still holds the top spot. Not only is C-22 gentle on skin, but it works FAST! Did we mention it has a fresh scent and it’s easy to rinse with soap and water? You can’t go wrong when you go with the best.

We also have lace-release sprays for hair systems, which reduce the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. When used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on the client’s scalp, not on the hair system. This is a non-oily wig glue solvent and requires very little cleanup.

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