preperation & protectants

There are many advantages to using a scalp protector. Learn about the benefits of preparing your scalp with these products.

Hair system scalp protector sprays and products are very important. If you want to achieve a strong and secure bond which we’re sure that you do, then utilizing these products is a must. Without it your clients won’t get the hold times or wearing comfort they’re looking for. All of these products will help you in your preparation process. 

Scalp Protector is your go-to when a customer has sensitive skin or you want just a few more days of hold time. Scalp Protector forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes. It also improves adhesion and duration of bonds, even in hot and humid weather conditions. Great for customers who play sports or have oily skin. It may also be applied to hair systems to improve cleanup. Hair system scalp protector sprays and products let you get an extremely strong bond right away without the normal 24-hour wait. Pretty amazing stuff. If you are not wearing it….why? This is a must-have, especially for summer. Use these hair system scalp protector products on short-term bonds lasting less than a week.

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