Offering the most popular hair system tapes from various trusted brands. Below is a wide selection of double sided wig tape for various applications.

Hairpiece tape rolls are most likely utilized more by seasoned professionals in the hair replacement industry. Hairpiece tapes in a rolled format are preferred for those who like to create their own cuts to match the application at hand. Hairpiece tapes in a rolled format are often offered in various roll sizes. The common ones are either 3, 12, or 36 Yards. Another variable is the width of the tape. The common widths are usually 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ & 1 1/2″.  


DAILY WEAR (1-7 Days)

Popular for their day-to-day use. Great for users who remove daily. Less gummy and less tacky characteristics


Great for users needing something more than day-to-day, but who are also not looking for the longest bond.

MAXIMUM WEAR (2-4 Weeks)

The longest hold duration of tapes. Depending on the humidity, temperature, and body oils it can last up to 6 weeks or longer.

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