Utilizing liquid adhesives for bonding hair systems can help you achieve the most natural overall appearance, especially the front hairline.

It is important to understand that liquid adhesive products can work and react differently to each individual. Certain factors such as skin type and body chemistry of the individual using it may have positive or negative results.  With so many options available on the market today, trial and error is the only way to determine the best adhesive product for you.

The overall goal is to find the most effective adhesive product that will provide you with a strong bond for the expected duration.

Hair system adhesives offer varying hold times based on their formulation and intended use. The three primary hold times are:

Daily Wear Adhesives

These adhesives provide a short-term hold, typically lasting for a single day or up to a few days. They are designed for individuals who prefer to remove and reattach their hair system daily or frequently. Daily wear adhesives are generally easier to clean up and less aggressive on the skin.




Extended Wear Adhesives

Extended wear adhesives offer a medium to long-term hold, ranging from several days to a few weeks. They are suitable for individuals who want a more stable attachment but still need to remove the hair system periodically for maintenance or cleansing. These adhesives strike a balance between durability and skin-friendliness.




Maximum Wear Adhesives

These adhesives provide the longest hold times, often lasting several weeks or even months. They are designed for those who want a more permanent solution and do not plan to remove the hair system frequently. Long-term adhesives are more robust and require careful application and maintenance to prevent skin irritation.





The choice of hold time depends on the wearer’s lifestyle, preferences, and how frequently they are willing to remove and reattach their hair system. It’s essential to select the appropriate adhesive to ensure comfort, stability, and longevity of the hair system while also considering the health of the wearer’s scalp.

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